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Is it true that registration on is free?


How does my company customize my compnay “Profile”, add information graphically, audio, in video a format, etc.?

Please see the bottom of a page the section “Packages”.

How to add a company in the MapoList catalogue?

At the top of the main page there is a tab “to Add the Company”. Click it and fill in the form.

How to work with the account after registration?

At the top of the page there is an tab “Login”. Enter the Login and the Password which You received with your e-mail address. You will see “the User Window”.

I registered a company. I want to use all free services from your Catalogue. What are my opportunities?

In the bottom of a page there is a section ”Packages” . Click on it and you will see which services are free. If you have any doubts how to use this services, You can always write to us and get a quick answer.

I would like to leave comments about a company. How can I do it?

After You found the company in the Catalogue, click on it go to “the Profile” find the Sections Reviews. Click on it. You will see the blue button ”Add Review”. Press on it and add Your Review.

Are there any limits/requirements on the contents on my review?

We do apply some limitations to reviews. Moderators of Mapolist can control or edit, comments and reviews if necessary. For more detail on Rules of Censorship check the section “Terms of Use” in the bottom of a page.

Can I leave links to other companies in the section “Reviews, Comments, Recommendations” ?

As a general rule not. But in cases of confirmation of the comment referring to an informative source (for example, news portals, encyclopedia etc.) you can leave the links to these resources.

I have a favourite place in the city. I would like to spread about it and add in your Catalogue. How can it be done?

There is a blue button “Add the Place” under the list of Categories. Press it and fill in the form. Your favourite place will be added in the Catalogue within max 72 hours.

I can't find a Category for the company I looking for.

Under the list of Categories on the main page there is an inscription “All Categories”. Press on it and you will see all categories available. Select one of categories in order to see its subcategories. If you still can't find the Category You need, please contact us and we will resolve this issue.

What is section “Branches” ?

If your company has branches, for example a network of restaurants, you can specify them in the Profile and they will be displayed on the map in our Catalogue.

What kind of information I can leave in the Section ”Jobs” ?

In this section you publish information about available vacancies in your company.

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