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Clearly, the modern Internet it is the foremost medium for information, the development of life, business, service, advertising, and more.

Mapolist projects are designed and maintained by A5 MBL Information Centre with a goal of the development of new technologies in the Internet environment. - an interactive catalogue of companies and organizations that are willing to provide their services and / or products in the country in which they are registered.

The Mapolist catalogue helps you to find the right company in the right country using internal search, auxiliary scripts as well as using the major search engines - Google, Baidu, Yahoo and Yandex.

Using the website, you can register your own company or any company you are familiar with even if you are not related to it and thus replenish the catalogue while informing others about yourself and sharing impressions about other companies.

The catalogue's versatility allows not only being in the "list " of categories of one geographical location, you can also register its branches, provide information about you and your company, changing the design of its " sector space" in the catalogue sections, and analyze posts and reviews as well as making announcements with having your post’s time and location displayed, if necessary.

Enrolment in the catalogue is - free.

Taking into account the fact that Mapolist is a free platform you might ask a reasonable question: where do we get funds to keep the project alive?

The company only charges for the redesign of its “space sector” if requested by the user. If you choose this option, ad can be modified to stand out by creating or modifying visual effects and/or expanding amount of space/information stored on the website.

Anyone can master even the more advanced functional features of the site with the help of our video course.

The website and its categories are structured to allow increased “findability” on other search sources.

It's no secret that most common principle of search result and information processing is an automatic function performed by programs which are not always logical. On the other hand, many search engines are working to improve the algorithm, which selects the information. Currently they are programmed to suit their own needs, meaning that the first line of the search result is not necessarily what you were looking for, but rather what website admin wanted you to find.

MapoList projects are maintained by real people, its statistics are true, and they undergo strict data selection and processing. Just speak with your data analyst to verify what you are reading, or feel free to compare with any other directories/search engines. was first launched in 2012 as a non-profit Project. The search process consisted of three steps shown in graphical map layout: Country , Category, Company.

We also added "buttons" of leading search engines with advance keywords preset, to make your search even more efficient.

Given the analysis of the requests and needs of our clients the A5 MBL company decided to launch a new and more efficient search engine by category , country and city with the ability to leave comments and opinions about the companies and check them through official institutions.

Despite the large number of similar projects, you can be sure that MapoList is a powerful Internet tool available for any company . This makes it the world's only directory with development potential as a new search engine, testing and evaluation of your own and any other company's features and potential.

Why is it necessary? Take a guess!

Most information in the Internet is kept in the open, but not harmonious order.

Planned changes are already optimized and ready to be implemented into certain sectors of the catalogue according to user needs.

Customer Support will give you confidence that your sector/space development in the MapoList Catalogue will be monitored not by robots but real people who will be happy to provide you with answers to any of your catalogue related questions.

By registering your company at you will not just refresh our database and have your own sector in it but will also optimize the search of your company and other people/companies/activities on the Internet.

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